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С 900 до 1800 (Пн-Пт) Доставка деталей по Украине (2-3 дня)

About Us

Welcome to the website of the company "UKS-GROUP UKRAINE"    

         UKS-GROUP UKRAINE is a manufacturer and supplier of pipeline, shut-off, control valves and pipeline parts for heat and water supply systems, gas supply, water disposal, sewerage, and fire extinguishing systems.

Our products are used in the utilities, industrial, food and chemical sectors.

In the course of its activities, the company focuses on the quality of the products offered and the affordability of prices. The quality of the products is competitive with the products of European and domestic manufacturers.

In addition, UKS-GROU UKRAINE is responsible for the quality of its products, which eliminates the loss of customer money and time. If problems arise during the installation or startup of equipment, the company's professionals are ready to go to the site to make a comprehensive solution to the problem situation.

Another important advantage is the availability of the presented assortment of products on a vast warehouse area, which allows the client to quickly receive comprehensive information about the products that are in stock, as well as to make a preliminary reserve.

The qualified personnel of our company will help you correctly and in the shortest possible time to select the necessary equipment for a specific project.

            UKS-GROUP UKRAINE considers any proposals for cooperation, as well as wholesale sales on pre-orders with an individual approach.

Our priorities:
- Quality
- Guarantee
- Speed
- Price

Product quality

            We are proud that the high quality of our products is confirmed by real customer reviews. All our products have the necessary quality certificates and passports. Particularly valuable can be considered the feedback of practicing installers, who, from personal experience, were convinced of the quality of the metal, the accuracy of fit and the absence of defects in the elements of our products, be it the simplest pipes, flanges or, for example, safety valves that require impeccable manufacturing and accuracy of operation.

            Pipeline fittings and parts of pipelines are manufactured in a factory way, with strict control of the Quality Control Department of the ISO technological process.

Guarantee for the entire range

            Up to 24 months. This is the warranty period from the date of purchase of valves and piping elements. If the customer observes all the necessary conditions for installation, operation, transportation, storage set out in the technical passport of the relevant product. This guarantees high functionality and long service life without compromising the performance of the entire pipeline.

            Warranty service includes free repair or replacement of products by the Supplier during the entire warranty period.

Delivery speed

            If the customer needs it, our company will urgently deliver all ordered products directly to the site. We cooperate with all major carriers and courier services in Ukraine. On the DELIVERY page of our website you will find a list of companies with which we cooperate and you will be able to calculate the cost of delivery yourself.
            Our company does everything possible and impossible to deliver products to the customer on time and quickly.

Products prices

            The prices for products indicated in the product category on our website and in the price list are always up to date. We check the relevance of the price every day and, if necessary, make adjustments. For regular customers, we have developed a progressively growing system of discounts. Prices for wholesale lots of products are formed individually.

Services for work

            Many products from the category of shut-off and control valves require additional work on adjustment, installation of additional automation elements, pneumatic and electric drives and other related equipment. Also, our company has at its disposal a professional test stand and can, at the request of the client, verify flanged pipeline fittings up to DN250 and PN40 inclusive. There are many types of control and shut-off valves, which can be controlled by both manual methods and mechanical devices. For example,  butterfly valves of the «Butterfly» type, Wedge gate valves or Ball valves of large diameters can be equipped to control: a worm gear; electric drive or pneumatic drive.

            All of the above and many other equipment requires qualified installation and configuration. The UKS-GROUP UKRAINE company is pleased to provide its clients with the above services. In most cases, pre-sale preparation and customization are carried out free of charge and only if it is necessary to carry out non-standard work, we charge a moderate fee for our services.


            Own warehouse space in Kiev. Most types of shut-off and control valves and pipe fittings up to DN1200 and PN200 are always available in the company's warehouses. On request, it is possible to supply products with a diameter of up to DN2000, and for some items - DN3000.

Why is it worth cooperating with us?

            The UKS-GROUP UKRAINE team is constantly working to expand the range, control the quality of products, service, customer service quality and increase the level of satisfaction.

Our competitive advantages:
    • we are manufacturers and exclusive suppliers of high quality products of competitive brands;
    • we assign to each client and partner a significant progressively growing personal discount;
    • having a network of warehouses and our own transport, we have the potential to manage material flows in the supply process and the ability to carry out wholesale and retail deliveries around the world as soon as possible;
    • we provide an opportunity to study the specification of products and make purchases at current retail prices online;
    • we provide free consultations, technical advice and assistance of our highly qualified specialists in the assembly and implementation of various kinds of atypical applications;
    • we carry out the selection of the required equipment of various options depending on the conditions and requirements;
    • we instruct on the installation and operation of our products;
    • we select the optimal solution for any request;
    • we participate in the electronic public procurement system at authorized electronic platforms;
    • we supply rare and make unique items to order;
    • for corporate clients there is a way to pay off debts with a deferred payment;
    • the entire range of products undergoes detailed quality control during the production process, is certified and complies with the standards of GOST, DIN, EN, ANSI, TU, ATK, etc.;
    • guarantee for the entire range of products.

Our mission

        Serving the community by making a constructive contribution to the restoration and development of infrastructure.
        By purchasing products from us, you support the welfare of fellow citizens, and not the beneficiaries of transnational corporations.
        Synergy with us allows you to develop and at the same time make a significant contribution to the development of the economy of your country and the prosperity of the people

            At the moment, in the Ukrainian market, we occupy a leading position due to a wide range of products, an unprecedented price-quality ratio, excellent and favorable terms of cooperation and an individual approach to each client. Our team, in cooperation with respectable brands, is able to provide all standard sizes of pipeline fittings and fittings.

            The assortment supplied by our company is constantly expanding, and the specification of goods is being improved based on technological trends, modern standards and consumer desires.
            After the first order and installation of our products, the vast majority of satisfied customers appreciate the combination of positive factors and become our regular customers.
Trust us to solve your questions and you will definitely be satisfied!
Together we can do more!

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