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About Us



The company UKS-Group Ukraine is your potential supplier of a wide range of valve fittings, parts, and piping elements for various industries.

Our inventory is produced by 12 leading factories in China that manufacture only the highest quality goods. 

We have a unique capability to procure exclusive products for special orders and deliver rare items from warehouses in Ukraine.


In collaboration with Ukrainian and international brands we can help you find different versions of our equipment for your business depending on your conditions, price range, and other requirements.


The reliability of our products meets the standards of ISO 9001: 2008; GBT / T19001-2008; GOST, DIN and is verified by quality certificates. 

Call us for a consultation, plan your purchase through an authorized electronic marketplace, or stop by and meet us to discuss your goals in a relaxed atmosphere.

Rely on us to meet your needs, and you will definitely be satisfied! With respect and a commitment to a long-term mutually beneficial cooperation.

The team of UKS-Group Ukraine